Line Dancing or Stump Speech?

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Rudy Giuliani arrived at a cafeteria inside a senior center in Manchester this morning, which usually doubles as a bingo parlor. A reflection of his poor showings in New Hampshire polls before primary day, there are 43 people here, and many tables are nearly empty.

The first woman I spoke with was Laurette Kuliga, a 71-year-old Manchester resident seated near the front door.

"Are you a Rudy supporter?"

"No, I was here earlier for line dancing," she said, smiling.

Giuliani spoke for a few minutes and took questions.

This event was added to today's schedule last night, but with the turnout as it is -- mostly elderly women and no one holding any Giuliani signs or donning Rudy stickers or pins -- it might have been a better idea to pass this stop over.

Most people are from the Divided We Fail healthcare movement and are handing out AARP T-shirts.

Giuliani told the small crowd that it was now time to make energy independence a top priority in America.

"I wouldn't say we've been sitting on our hands, but we've got to do it," said Giuliani, while many watched with their chins in their hands.

As the mayor responded to a final question about how to get young people to come out and vote, three teenagers got up from their table and left.