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Lindsay Lohan to Leave Rehab Early?

Last month, Lindsay Lohan was sent to jail for 90 days and got out after less than two weeks.

Now, the prosecutor in her case told that health professionals at UCLA Medical Center may recommend that Lohan be released early from her 90-day court-ordered rehab. No date has been set.

Lindsay Lohan Released From Jail, Goes To Rehab
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In an exclusive interview, Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, said on "The Early Show," it might be a mistake to let her leave rehab early.

"This is not hardball. What the judge did is proper," Michael said. "Hardball is 30 years for DUI. Lindsay has an extreme problem. She needs help. If she's not taken off all of the drugs, if she doesn't have therapy, family therapy as well as individual, I feel it's just a Band-Aid and it's not going to get any better."

He continued, "She needs to go through this period of reinventing herself and getting off the prescription drugs. It's not that easy."

Michael said he fears his daughter will go right back to the same behavior.

He said, "I heard a publicist say Lindsay needs to take a step back and get out of the limelight. I agree with her 100 percent. It's not about getting back, jumping in feet-first and, you know, just trying to get back -- pick up where she stopped. She needs her life back."

Michael Lohan said all members of the family need to come together and accept responsibility for their actions.

"We have to mend fences," he said. "This is not something we can just overlook anymore."

"Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith pointed out that Dina Lohan, Michael's ex-wife, went on NBC's "Today" show and "was not in a very much fence-mending mood."

Smith told Michael, "She said you were not a fit father and had not been a father. I mean, I know you've been trying to reach out to her and to your daughter and they don't sound like they're ready to open the door to you."

Michael replied, "The funny part is, on July 4th, Dina was my best friend. Everything was great before. I don't understand how she comes out with some of these things she says. But that's on her. That's not on me. This is about our daughter. It's not about being part of her career. It's about being parents."

He added, "Dina should be out of her career and I shouldn't be any part of her career. I never was. I never was a manager or anything. I tried to do my best as a father. I made my mistakes. I wound up in jail. Lindsay certainly paid a price for that. ... But it's time to put everything aside. I thought Dina did that. But, obviously, you know, we have some work to do ourselves on this."

Smith asked Michael about the possibility that Lindsay would move back east -- away from the culture in Southern California. Would that be better for Lindsay?

Michael said, "Let's take a step back and look at look. Lindsay got therapy, stepped out of the limelight, and she got involved with the same people again when she got out a short period of time after and the same thing started to happen."

He said, "The lawyers, the judges, everyone said she should have got family therapy and all three of us should sit down, but Lindsay and I sat down and Dina didn't want to join us. I think that was a big part of her downfall. A lot has to be able to do with sitting here with you and me and a psychologist or counselor saying, 'This is what we did.' I heard Lindsay say that in our discussions and I certainly did as well. But some people can't. That's a real problem."