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Lindsay Lohan Shines In 'Bobby'

Lindsay Lohan has been in the news a lot lately — not always for the right reasons.

There have been stories about her neglecting to wear undies in Cannes, calling Paris Hilton something unprintable and partying way too much.

This summer she was criticized by the CEO of the production company for being late to the set on her upcoming film, "Georgia Rule."

"You and your representatives have told us that your various late arrivals and absences from the set have been the result of illness," said James G. Robinson, CEO of Morgan Creek Productions. "Today we were told it was 'heat exhaustion.' We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so-called 'exhaustion."

Emilio Estevez, who directed Lohan in "Bobby," came to her defense.

He told Oprah Winfrey that the actress was a professional while shooting "Bobby," showing up on time and turning in "the best work of her life."

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The media focuses on allegations of wild-child behavior "because it sells," Estevez said. "I'd rather have them focus on how extraordinary she is in this film," he said.

Estevez is right: Lohan does deserve focus on her skills as an actress.

Lohan gives a subtle, nuanced performance in "Bobby" and definitely holds her own in a star-studded cast that includes Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Fishburne and Helen Hunt.

Lohan plays the idealistic Diane, who is about to marry William Avary (Elijah Wood) to keep him from being sent to Vietnam.

In one scene, Diane gets a manicure from the hotel's stylist, Miriam, played by an almost unrecognizable Sharon Stone.

Diane explains to Miriam that she wants to "save a life" by marrying William. But it's not the festive white wedding she always dreamed of, especially because her father objects to the marriage and won't even be there.

Through her face and a slight hesitation in her voice, Lohan does a fine job of portraying Diane's mixed feelings. It's a very poignant moment in the film.

Lohan has said she's not happy with her party girl image. She's pointed out that, like many young women her age, she enjoys going out dancing with her friends.

If she continues to triumph on screen, her acting might overshadow her starring role in the tabloids. Only time will tell.

By Judy Faber

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