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Lindsay Lohan Mural Vandalized as Actress Investigated for Jewelry Theft, Say Reports

Lindsay Lohan Suspected in Necklace Theft, Say Reports
Lindsay Lohan (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images) Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

(CBS) A street wall mural of Lindsay Lohan located on a beach in California has been reportedly vandalized, as new outlets report that the troubled actress is under investigation in the possible theft of a pricey "one of a kind" necklace.

According to Hollywood dot TV, the mural was discovered on Wednesday defaced with a red swastika painted on her forehead with text reading "y not". Red tears were also painted under her eye.

"Law enforcement sources tell that Lindsay is suspected to have stolen a high-end piece of jewelry, most likely a necklace," Dylan Howard Sr., executive editor of the celebrity gossip website, told CBS News' "The Early Show."

According to the Los Angeles Times, the necklace is a "one of a kind" piece of jewelry, made of gold and semiprecious stones and valued at $2,500.

The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly have store surveillance video to support their claim.

"As we understand it," Howard says, "police have in their possession video they believe forms a very powerful piece of evidence in this case - video that shows Lindsay Lohan wearing the necklace in question."

Police have requested a search warrant for Lohan's new home in Venice Beach, Calif., according to the reports.

The Los Angeles Times says that once detectives began preparing that warrant, a Lohan associate turned the necklace over to them.

The 24-year-old is still on probation, and has been warned she could be sentenced to six months jail time for any violation.


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