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Lindsay Lohan Arrest Warrant: Actress' Return from Cannes Could Include Cop Scene

Lindsay Lohan (AP)

BEVERLY HILLS, California (CBS/AP) Lindsay Lohan has done it again!

She missed another court appearance - only this time a judge issued a warrant for her arrest. The 23-year-old actress was due in court Thursday for a progress report on her probation, stemming from two prior arrests in 2007 on drug and driving offenses. Authorities say when Lohan returns from the Cannes Film Festival she could be arrested at the airport.

Bail is already set at $100,000 for whenever that happens.

Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father (AP Photo/Ed Betz, File) AP

Shawn Chapman Holley, Lohan's lawyer, said Lohan's passport was stolen at the Festival and she was unable to return to L.A. in time for her hearing on Thursday.

"She did, in fact, have airline tickets," Holley told Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel. "From our standpoint, there is a valid reason for her not being here today."

Judge Revel didn't buy it. "If she wanted to be here, it looks to the court that she could have been here," she said.

The judge revoked Lohan's probation, issued the arrest warrant and imposed several conditions should Lohan make bail. She will be prohibited from drinking any alcohol, required to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and submit to random weekly drug testing.

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers said she would like to see proof that Lohan had purchased an airline ticket that would have gotten her back to Los Angeles in time for the hearing.

Despite spending 84 minutes in jail and performing mandatory service at the county morgue, Lohan has struggled repeatedly with the terms of her sentence.

Her lawyer said Lohan has completed 10 of the 13 required alcohol-education classes.

Lohan's father, Michael Lohan, who's had a running feud with Lindsay, was in the courtroom with his attorney, Lisa Bloom. "We asked for some of the conditions the judge imposed today," she said, citing a letter her firm sent the court on Michael Lohan's behalf last week.

Bloom said Michael Lohan is concerned about Lindsay's "deterioration over the last weeks and months."



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