Lindsay Lohan admits breaking her sobriety, having a glass of wine

Lindsay Lohan talks about her sobriety on an episode of "Lindsay."

Lindsay Lohan admits she relapsed after leaving rehab last summer.

On Sunday's episode of her OWN docu-series, "Lindsay," the actress revealed she broke her sobriety and had a glass of wine.

Tabloids had speculated that Lohan had fallen off the wagon during a trip to Los Angeles. She denied those reports, but admitted to having a drink one month earlier.

"Being in recovery and leaving this place where you're in this little bubble and everything is safe around you, it's really hard," Lohan, 27, said on the show. "And I jumped right into a relationship where we weren't on the same page. I wasn't considering the fact that the person I was seeing does drink."

Coming to terms with relapsing wasn't easy, she added.

"I had a glass of wine, and that was it," she said. "But I just had so much guilt. It took me a bit to finally just be, like, 'Why am I holding this in? Yeah. [Expletive] it. I screwed up.' I screwed up, and that's OK, but now what can I do so that it doesn't happen again? And that's part of the process. That's a part of life."