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Linda McMahon Ad Defends Wrestling; Opponents Lambast Violence Against Disabled

Connecticut Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon's campaign is out with a new ad in which two women are shown discussing McMahon's experience running World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Check out the ad at left. In it, two woman are shown in a car listening to a McMahon spot on the radio. The "wrestling stuff," one says, is "not my cup of tea."

After deeming wrestling a "soap opera," one of the women puts a positive spin on McMahon's experience.

"Look, she tamed the traveling show world of professional wrestling, turned it into a global company, and created 500 jobs here in Connecticut," she says.

The two women then agree McMahon can "shake things up" in Washington, before saying in unison, "Oh, yeah."

A group called Mothers Opposing McMahon, meanwhile, today released a video that casts the WWE in a harshly negative light.

It shows a developmentally-disabled character named "Eugene" from the show being beaten; in a release announcing the video, Louisa Ketron said, "As the parent of a child with developmental disabilities, I am appalled that Linda McMahon thinks it's appropriate to beat and humiliate characters with disabilities as entertainment."

The Mothers Opposing McMahon video is at left. As CQ Politics reports, the Connecticut Democratic party helped organize the group.

Polls show McMahon, who must still officially win the nomination, trailing Democratic candidate and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in a general election matchup.

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