Linda Barr Fellenbaum Missing: Police search for missing Ill. mother of three

Linda Barr Fellenbaum
Linda Barr Fellenbaum Missing Person Facebook page
Linda Barr Fellenbaum
Linda Barr Fellenbaum Missing Person Facebook page

(CBS) Joliet, Ill. - Police in Illinois are asking for the public's help locating a 32-year-old mother of three who has not been heard from in over two weeks.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Linda Barr Fellenbaum's boyfriend, Donald Wolak, says he last saw her on Oct. 21 running barefoot from his residence at Crockett Court in Joliet, where she had lived for about two months. 

Police say they found her phone and vehicle still at the home. 

Wolak, 40, reportedly told police that before Fellenbaum ran away they had argued over money and a handgun he accused her of stealing from him.

Fellenbaum's mother says she is suspicious of Wolak's story and does not think her daughter would just run off.

"I didn't think she ever left the home on Crockett Court," Deborah Barr told The Herald-News.

The missing woman had reportedly planned to pick her son up from her mother's home the day after her disappearance, but never showed up, which Barr told the Herald-News was unlike her daughter.

According to the Joliet Patch, a Chicago man claims he met up with Fellenbaum the day of her disappearance for a sex date, which was arranged over Craigslist. The man, who says he did not know the Illinois woman before their rendezvous, claims they met up at a hotel in Naperville around 4 p.m., but that Fellenbaum backed out once they arrived.

She disappeared four hours later.

Family and friends of Fellenbaum have set up a community Facebook page titled, "Linda Barr Fellenbaum Missing Person." A release from the family describes her as an African American female adult, 5' 9", 145 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes, a mole on the top edge of hairline and a scar on her left knee.

According to the release, Fellenbaum's mother says she grew up in Rockford, Ill., and attended Marquette University in Milwaukee.

She had reportedly moved to Joliet from the nearby Hinsdale, Ill., which is located about 20 miles from Chicago.