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Suspect arrested after allegedly running over migrant workers outside North Carolina Walmart

A suspect has been arrested and charged with felony hit and run after allegedly plowing into a group of migrant workers outside a Walmart in North Carolina, police said.

Daniel Gonzalez turned himself in just before 6 p.m. local time Monday, the Lincolnton Police Department said in a statement

The migrants were hit by a black SUV outside a Walmart in Lincolnton around 1:17 p.m. Sunday, the Lincolnton Police Department said. They were taken to a local hospital and none of their injuries appeared to be life-threatening, according to police. 

Surveillance video showed the SUV slowly driving through the parking lot and then turning to face the group of workers, who were standing on the sidewalk. The SUV then accelerated over the curb and into the group before driving away.

Gonzalez's family members, who were with him when he turned himself in, claimed he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes and he drove away because he panicked, police said in a statement.

The victims were not publicly identified, but CBS Charlotte, N.C. affiliate WBTV reported they worked for Toluca Blackberry, which provides workers for Knob Creek Orchard in Lawndale, North Carolina, a roughly 30-minute drive from Lincolnton.

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