Lights, Camera, Clinton!

It was arguably one of the most anticipated, watched and dissected pieces of political theater in recent history: Hillary Clinton's announcement that she was exploring a candidacy for President. You can watch the video in the monitor on the left.

Much attention was paid to the setting -- and the blogosphere was teeming with debate about when, where and how this video was shot.

In this morning's Washington Post, Rosemarie Howe, Sen. Clinton's interior decorator lifts the curtain to settle the matter. Says the Post:

The video was filmed in a new sunroom that runs along the back of the Clintons' brick Georgian house on Whitehaven Street NW, which they bought in 2001 for $2.85 million. Howe coordinated the recently completed addition, designed by Washington architect Donald Lococo. The airy space, just off the kitchen, has lots of windows and is for reading, relaxing and entertaining, Howe says. She designed the room to be comfortable yet elegant, using camel and coral, colors that are repeated throughout the first floor. Wood floors set off an Oriental rug, walls are painted cream and the furniture is arranged for conversation. Shelves hold books, a glass collection, presidential mementos and photographs.
This is undoubtedly one of the more curious bits of political news the Post has uncovered. But we can probably expect more. The campaign season is young. The junior senator from New York can't help but inspire that sort of scrutiny (and, perhaps, skepticism.)

Let the games begin.