Life The Sweeter Way

Having a bad day? Maybe work didn't go well, the baby wouldn't take a nap, or maybe you just feel like you're stuck in a rut.

If that's the case, we may have a light-hearted solution to help you look at life in a sweeter way.

"Daily Candy A to Z" is an insider's guide to the sweet life. It helps you tackle those so called "fat days" with ease and teaches you how to change your whole day by simply "taking a moment"

Dannielle Romano, Editor-at-Large of Daily Candy, simply explains the book as, "our ideas, our thoughts, our world view that so many of us can relate too."

The book kicks off with the letter A for Appearance. In this chapter, all readers are encouraged to have an "emergency outfit" in the closet.

"It's that outfit, no matter when the last time you did laundry, no matter how fat you're feeling, or how cranky you are, no matter what you ate, and no matter what kind of awful meeting you've had, it's there, it's ready to go," Romano explains. "It's something you wear, to feel human again."

Letter G is for Gender. Everyone is aware of the differences between men and women, and this chapter tackles them humorously. Women think Oprah, while men think Howard Stern. Women see the color magenta, and men see red.

Romano acknowledges all men and women are not like the stereotypes, but, "you get a chuckle because you know someone like that."

Letter T is for Taking A Moment. "No matter what you are doing, no matter how busy you are, stress is stress," Romano says, "and it's all relative."

The book suggests instituting a daily chocolate break, taking a vacation by yourself, donating five things you don't need, or borrowing a friend's baby for the afternoon as ways of "taking a moment" in your life.

"Daily Candy is never about rules or annoying advice," Romano explains. "It's the little things that make life more interesting, more fun."
by Jenn Eaker