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Lieberman Now Says: 'Put Politics Aside'

With a slap on the wrist and a gavel still in his hand, Sen. Joe Lieberman now says it's time to "put politics aside."

Oh, and he wants to "turn the page" as well.

Here's his full statement on the Senate Democrats' decision to let Lieberman keep his chairmanship of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs while revoking his less prominent Environment and Public Works Committee slot.

“I was pleased with the discussion we had at the Democratic Party caucus this morning. There was a very good and worthwhile exchange of views and there was a productive outcome," Lieberman said. "I want to thank Senator Reid for his wise and valued leadership on this matter. I look forward to continuing to chair the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and working to ensure our country remains safe and secure."

“The election is now over and we have a new President-elect – it is imperative that we put politics aside and address the challenges facing our country. I look forward to working with President Obama, and with my colleagues from both parties to restore our economic prosperity, reform our health care system, protect the environment, keep our country safe, and on many others issues. Let us turn the page, honoring our differences and moving forward together.”

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