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Liberty Casting Company explosion: 5 injured at Delaware, Ohio factory

Five people were injured Tuesday in an explosion and fire at the Liberty Casting Company in Delaware, Ohio, officials said. The victims suffered burns to their bodies and facial hair, officials said.

Fire Chief John L Donahue said operations have shut down temporarily at the factory for the investigation. The fire occurred In the foundry area of the factory, but they don't yet know exact location, cause or origin of fire. The fire department will handle the investigation.

All the people injured were third-shift employees, who were scheduled to work through the night. 

Dispatchers took a call for a reported explosion at 10:10 p.m. Tuesday, CBS Columbus, Ohio affiliate WBNS-TV reports

Donahue said when firefights arrived at the scene five minutes later, people from the plant said five people were hurt but the fire was out.

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