Liam Neeson an action star at age 60

Liam Neeson on new action thriller, "Grey"
Actor Liam Neeson talks to the "CBS This Morning" team about his new film, "Grey," which tells the story of a group of men struggling to survive in the Alaskan wilderness following a plane crash.
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Liam Neeson has -- at age 60 -- found himself to be an action star.

The actor stars in "The Grey" as a member of an oil drilling team that has to struggle to survive after a plane crash in Alaska strands them in the wild.

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But will the veteran actor take on another action role any time soon?

"As long as my knees hold up, I'll keep doing this stuff," he said on "CBS This Morning."

As for "The Grey," the cast and crew endured extreme cold -- down to 30 below zero -- to shoot the film outdoors.

Neeson said the decision to shoot outdoors had something "primal and pure" about it.

"There's so many movies nowadays that the plot is driven by somebody at a keyboard or on a cell phone or something," he said. "That was just man versus man, man versus his inner self. Man versus nature. It's cleansing."

For more with Neeson on the film and its bigger questions, his career and its direction and what character he would play again, watch the video in the player above.