Lewinsky's New Gig: TV Reporter

Monica Lewinsky commercial
Monica Lewinsky's got a new gig as a television reporter in Britain, reports CBS News Correspondent Tom Rivers.

One of the commercial stations, Channel 5, wanted to spice up its U.S. election coverage. So, it approached the former White House intern.

"She agreed to do some reporting work for us, as a kind of personality feature reporter based in the States," Channel 5 news director Chris Shaw told CBS Radio News.

However, it won't be any hardball political reporting.

"Monica's agreement with ITN, Channel 5, stipulates what has always been her position — that she refuses to make any public comment on any political issues, including the U.S. elections," her spokeswoman, Juli Nadler, said.

Instead, she'll be covering things like visiting a West Coast health spa.

"She's kind of interested in body image, so we're looking maybe at the phenomenon of staying forever young," said Shaw.

Her six four-minute reporting segments will be called "Monica's Postcards."

President Clinton's affair with Lewinsky led to his impeachment trial last year in the Senate. He was acquitted.

Since the scandal, Lewinsky has written a book, endorsed a weight-loss program, and has started her own line of handbags.

But, asked Rivers, will she be any good as a reporter?

"Monica has been through a lot," responded Shaw. "She's known for one thing. We're trying to get her known for a few other things...She's an enterprising young woman. She's got a lot of talents, I think, so let's see how she does as a TV reporter."

If she's a hit, Shaw says, Britain won't have seen the last of "Roving Reporter Lewinsky."

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