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Lewinsky: She Says 'Several Times'

Everyone knows Monica Lewinsky"s face, and most people are familiar with her background.

Few people know the sound of her voice.

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Following the advice of three different teams of defense attorneys, Lewinsky has steadfastly maintained a low profile and refused to make any comment at all. Any statements she has ever made were made through her lawyers.

Nevertheless, a great deal of what Lewinsky told the grand jury is known through leaks by people involved in the investigation and through 16 hours of tape recordings made by Lewinsky's friend and former coworker Linda Tripp. The In the Tripp tapes, which were the starting point for Kenneth Starr's invesigation, Lewinsky reportedly talks about her affair with the President Clinton and the efforts she and the president were making to keep it secret.

According to sources, Lewinsky testified Aug. 6 that:

  • She and Mr. Clinton did have a sexual relationship beginning in 1995.
  • They agreed to deny the affair when faced with testifying in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit against the president.
  • Mr. Clinton suggested she get rid of gifts he gave her when they were subpoenaed in the Jones case.
  • There were at least 12 liaisons in the Oval Office suite.

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