Lewinsky Miffed At Starr's Office

Saying Monica Lewinsky is "getting angry" at Whitewater prosecutors who want her testimony in making a case against President Clinton, Lewinsky's attorney has filed a formal complaint asking for an investigation into alleged leaks from Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office.

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Attorney William Ginsburg told reporters he filed a five-page complaint Saturday with the Justice Department asking that the department's Office of Professional Responsibility investigate charges that Starr's office has been engaged in leaks that create an "unfair environment" for his client.

That development came amid reports of further leaks Saturday. Newsweek magazine is reporting in this week's issue that Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth Starr has obtained four chatty e-mails from Lewinsky to friend Linda Tripp.

Lewinsky talks about her alleged affair with the president and complains that the "Big Creep didn't even try to call me on V-Day (Valentine's Day)," according to the report. The e-mails cover a period from Feb. 13 to March 6 of last year.

Ginsburg said he doubts Lewinsky authored the e-mails.

On Face the Nation Sunday, Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Ann McDaniel discussed the content of the e-mails. Lewinsky wrote about leaving gifts for President Clinton with Clinton's personal secretary Betty Currie, who would leave them under the desk in the Oval Office, McDaniel said.

Lewinsky also wrote of a time last November when Clinton was meeting with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo as she waited in an adjacent office, according to McDaniel. "[Clinton] had invited her there, and she was there throughout the whole meeting with President Zedillo, McDaniel said.

A new Newsweek poll showed that, while Clinton's overall approval rating remains high at 63 percent, with a 54 percent majority now saying they don't believe his denials of a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky.

In other developments:

  • The Washington Post reported Saturday that Tripp was simultaneously helping Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr and lawyers for Paula Jones in their separate pursuits against Clinton.
  • Lewis Fox, a retired Secret Service officer who once guarded President Clinton's life, will divulge what he knows about Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky. Whitewater prosecutors and officials of the Justice and Treasury departments reached a deal late Friday that will allow him to testify before the grand jury.
  • Fox has said that he let Lewinsky into the Oval Office in the fall of 1995 while Clinton was working inside. The president hs said he does not recall ever being alone with Lewinsky.
  • An active-duty uniformed officer also has been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury, which resumes hearing testimony Tuesday.
  • This week, Lewinsky's mother, Marcia Lewis, was apparently shaken by two days of grilling before the grand jury. A return appearance was put off until at least next week.
  • There was no sign of an agreement to bring Lewinsky herself before the grand jury, although she returned to Washington on Thursday after a 10-day visit to her father in California. Her chief lawyer, William Ginsburg, is trying to arrange full immunity from prosecution for her.

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