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Lewinsky Evidence Includes Photo

We now know about new evidence Monica Lewinsky turned over last week as part of her immunity agreement with special prosecutor Ken Starr. Last week, she turned over a dress and answering machine tapes. But sources tell CBS News Lewinsky also gave investigators a photograph.

CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Scott Pelley reports that the photograph is one of dozens taken of the president and Lewinsky, but it is unique and of interest to investigators. Sources say the photo carries a personal inscription that Lewinsky says was written by Mr. Clinton.

The inscription is said to be very personal. Lewinsky concealed the picture from an FBI search, along with the dress and the answering machine tapes.

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As for the dress, CBS News has learned that the FBI has completed its first tests in search of DNA evidence of a sexual encounter. The results were not forwarded to prosecutors because the lab always intended to go on to a more exacting test. Those results could be ready on Wednesday.

Prosecutors are waiting for a report before they ask the president for a voluntary blood or saliva sample for comparison. The FBI is also analyzing the dress for hair and fiber evidence.

In the courts on Tuesday, the president suffered a major loss. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist ruled that White House lawyers do have to testify before Starr's grand jury. Their conversations with the president are not covered by a blanket attorney-client privilege because they work for the people, not Mr. Clinton.

Within hours, White House Counsel Lanny Breuer was at the grand jury. He is one of a number of lawyers who were on a daily conference call to plan defense strategy. Other White House lawyers may soon be called.

Click here for an explanation of attorney-client privilege by CBS News Legal Correspondent Kristin Jeannette-Meyers.

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