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Letters To New York

As New Yorkers grieve and struggle to recover from the terrorist attack, the Internet is flooded with good wishes, encouragement, and solidarity from around the world. Two sites among many are the bulletin boards established by and WCBS, the New York CBS affiliate. Here are a few samples of the sentiments expressed there.

From Brandie – Baltimore:
We want the people of New York City to know that all of Baltimore is feeling for you. We are proud of you for standing together in your time of need. We are proud to call ourselves Americans and support you to be as strong as you can. We want you to know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. We the people of the United States will stand united, for what lies ahead, to us it is unknown.

From Loren – Samoa, Calif.:
Your pain, your fear and horror, your sorrow, and your rage are shared by all who can rightfully claim humanity, but it is your COURAGE in the face of this cataclysm that has been emblazoned on my heart forever. I have never felt more pride than I feel for you now, both for the living and the dead. I love and honor all of you. All the best in your efforts to rescue lives and rebuild your fabulous city. LONG LIVE "THE APPLE" OF AMERICA'S EYE!

From Steve – United Kingdom:
To all those who have lost, to all those who are lost, for all the children who wait without knowing, and all the parents whose world stand still. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, God bless and protect you in this darkest hour, keep faith with your brothers and sisters, united together, your love will shine through. Love and respect.

From swensbc – Canada:
I want to tell the people of New York and all of America that you are not alone in these long terrible chain of events. We are watching, crying, and helping, feeling your pain and sharing your tears. We are here for you, because that's what family is for. Godspeed!

From Cindy – Missouri:
I am from a small town in the heart of Missouri, a long way from New York. But I know that this could happen anywhere. To the people of New York: My fellow workers and myself want to let you know that we stand behind you and our country. We want you to know that our prayers are all for you. Life as we know it will never be the same. God bless you all, and God bless America.

From Christian Koletzko - Hamburg, Germany:
Americans, we stand with you… We grieve for all people who lost their lives. Our thoughts are with their families who lost their daughters, sons, mothers and fathers. All of them have our deepest sympathy. The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, brought us hope when he said during a time of need "Ich bin ein Berliner". Today, we say to the American people: We stand by you! Peace and God bless the world

From Joshua - Ottumwa, Iowa:
I'm a 19-year-old who usually doesn't react much when something happens in the news, but me and all my friends are really irate about what has happened. We are all ready to do what we can, and most are willing to go to war if need be. All our prayers are with the victims and their families, and we are ready to do whatever it takes to get revenge on those responsible for these hideous acts.

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From Loe – Belgium:
I am deeply shocked about what happened in N.Y. I'm a teacher at a primary school in Belgium, and today, Friday 14th, we held three minutes of silence with all the children. They were all very quiet as they were staring at the candle. New York, our thoughts are with you.

From Terry – Oklahoma:
A cyber hug for you! Today, I wish to share my love. I have nothing more valuable. I believe that the spirit of our goodness shall see us through our darkest moments. We inherently possess the ability to succeed: strength and wisdom from our ancestors; lessons from our experiences and surroundings; love from our family and friends; and ...we unite! I pray for you today. I pray for all humanity today, and everyday. In the face of disaster, I will stand united with my fellow Americans and do whatever it takes to keep our land safe and free. If you wonder what you can do today, share your love. Hug a friend or loved one!

From Tracey H. – Ireland:
We in Ireland have always had a great love for America. Many Irish have settled in the states, especially New York City. We class it as a second home. To all the people who are awaiting news about their loved ones, we are praying for you. To the families of the ones who did not make it, our hearts bleed for you all. To the police and firefighters, God bless you. I hope the people responsible for this realize the hurt they have caused the whole world. God bless America and all peace-loving democratic countries who rally around America at this time. May we gain some good from this nightmare.

From Vic – Australia:
In Australia, we are proud to also be a "red, white and blue" country. You need to hoist the stars and stripes of your flag in the air outside as many omes and offices as possible to show you WILL NOT be beaten. No force, no matter how powerful, can wipe out your pride without your permission. Australia sends its love and prayers for those still trapped, those who have passed on, those who have lost family members and those who will never be able to erase this terror from their memories. God bless.

From Alexander - Moscow, Russia:
At such a time, it seems vain to try and express one's feelings of intense regrets. They are too overwhelming. But you may derive some tiny grain of comfort in knowing that there are friends near you who can share your sorrows. Believe me, all Russians deeply are grieved. Moscow is with you, New York!

From Wendy - Merrick, N.Y.:
…I am sick over this situation. I had a brother walk home from Manhattan to Brooklyn. He was completely black covered in soot by the time he got home. My sister is stuck in Canada on business. She can't get home. She says the U.S. Embassy in Canada looks like the palace when Princess Diana died. Thousands of cards and flowers and well wishes. Enough to bring you to tears.

From Isacco Codega – Italy:
…Those madmen do not have any respect for human life, which is the most precious thing we have. But I know you Americans are tough, and I was happy to see you standing and encouraging your brave firefighters, rescue workers and policemen who are indeed risking their lives in the rescue operations… America is still standing. I am American today!

From Shannon - Sacramento, Calif.:
The Horror. The Humanity. We may be on the opposite coast, but please know that your pain is our pain. We pray for you and send love.

From Ina Straub - Heidelberg, Germany:
What has happened to our world? In these days, we are all Americans.

From Adrian - Zurich, Switzerland:
We all are in deep shock about the tragedies that happened on Sept. 11. We would like to express our deep sorrow to the relatives and friends of all those (who died) in this cowardly act. Be strong in this time of darkness. God bless you.

From Scott - Arlington, Texas:
I want everyone in New York to know that our prayers are with you, and we all feel your pain. If we could get to you and help you, we most definitely would. We love you all. God bless you. Remember you are not alone.

From J.C. Rodríguez, M.D. – Spain
New York, my dear New York. Your suffering is mine. Your tears are mine. Your anger is mine. My prayers are yours. My thinking is yours. God help us. Deeply, very deeply yours.

From William Montgomery - Belfast, N. Ireland:
I watched those horrible events unfold on TV at my home in Belfast, N. Ireland. I was gripped with powerful thoughts, namely the magnitude of the carnage and the unstinting help that those people there gave to each other. With those qualities, Americans should hold their heads high, I wish you all the stability and peace to overcome. Hmbly yours.

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