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Letterman's Sidekick Shares Life Story

As David Letterman faces the music over his personal life, his musical director and longtime sidekick, Paul Shaffer, is telling his own life story.

The musician explains how he made it from western Ontario to the Ed Sullivan Theater in his new memoir, "We'll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives."

Read an Excerpt of Shaffer's new memoir

On "The Early Show" Wednesday, Shaffer was hesitant to comment on the mood around the office at "The Late Show with David Letterman." He said he was advised by the show's attorneys not to comment on the legal proceedings surrounding the alleged $2 million extortion plot prosecutors say veteran CBS News Joe Halderman tried to carry out against Letterman.

However, Shaffer joked, "I'm having a mood swing right now. And it's lucky I didn't wear my mood ring because it would have gone ring a ding ding!"

Shaffer has worked with top names in the music business, including Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and Ray Charles. As a young musical director, Shaffer was hired for the fledgling sketch comedy show, "Saturday Night Live." While a musical director in the early days of the show, he told CBS News he had a unique opportunity to work with great musicians very early in his career.

Paul Shaffer's Showbiz Journey

Shaffer, who also performed with the "Blues Brothers," said the band was a revival of the classic blues band sound -- with a twist.

"We sort of stretched it into blues and R&B soul review. It was a very classic sound that we sort of brought back," Shaffer said.

But how did he get from Thunder Bay, Ontario, to The Late Show's stage?

Shaffer's mother played piano, and his father was interested in jazz music. But Shaffer's father was a lawyer and wanted his son to become one, as well. When Shaffer said he wanted to go into music, his father told him the courtroom is a stage.

"He would have preferred I had a real profession because of what we do," Shaffer said, "but he was secretly thrilled when I went into show business."

Shaffer's book was released Tuesday, Oct. 6. "We'll Be Here for the Rest of Our Lives" is now available in bookstores.

Read an Excerpt of Shaffer's new memoir