Let's Talk Turkey

Well, it seems the minute Halloween is over, the holidays begin. My kids have been digging out the Christmas decoration at my house already, and, of course, making their lists of wants and wishes! And with the holidays from school today, we are actually hitting the stores in Manhattan to do a little shopping. Apparently, the bargains are there for the taking already because of the way the economy is going.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it has nothing to do with presents; its all about being together with family and friends. I am hosting the CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade again this year, so we are going to do our Turkey Day meal at home a few days ahead of time. Every year I get great ideas from the Williams-Sonoma series. The folks there also know one of my family traditions. We always drink champagne while we are cooking that day. (And the meals actually turn out well!) So Tori Ritchie and I had a little bubbly and make some yummy soup and crackers -- good starter ideas that won't fill you up too much before the big bird.