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Let's Play Ball

Baseball season has finally started. A number of games will be rained or snowed out today. It happens sometimes.

Eventually the grind of April - you can just feel the sting of the bat in your hands - will give way to warmer weather and the rhythm of the season. Streaks - good and bad. Crescendos. When a team really goes on a tear. And slumps. The doldrums from which there is no relief and seemingly no answer.

Just knowing a game is on improves my life. Late at night when work is done, when it might be time to open a beer it's good to watch a few innings. I don't live or die with the home team, but it sure informs my days.

When they are playing well and I glance through the box score in the morning my day is off to a good start. When they struggle, I struggle. And at this point in the year who's to know whats going to happen. Every team will win about a third of their games and every team will lose a third. Leaving the other third up for grabs.
By Harry Smith

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