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"Let's Give Tourists a Warm Jihadi Welcome," Suggests Member Jihadi Forum

A member of al Falojah jihadi blog called on militants to strike against tourists visiting their countries during the coming summer holidays. "You all know that the economy in some Muslim countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, relies mainly on tourism. By weakening this vital sector, we would deal a real blow to these countries' economies," the user, who used the name Moheb Abu Bakar, said.

He also called on fellow forum members to launch an online media campaign to warn tourists against the consequences of visiting Muslim countries. "And if they don't listen we would kill a tourist who is a citizen of a country that is part of the countries fighting us, and take his money as booty," the man suggested.

He them gave some advice about how to carry out this plan in five steps from tracking down the tourists and until killing them. "You must carefully choose the timing and the location in order to guarantee the success of the operation. You must maintain secrecy of the whole operations before and after it has taken place," he wrote.

Many members of the forum hailed Abu Bakr's idea. One member howver argued that this would harm Muslims just as much as it would harm their governments. He was scolded by other members and labeled an "agent of the Crusaders."

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