"Let It Go" -- About the book

T.D. Jakes, New York Times bestselling author of "Reposition Yourself," "Making Great Decisions," and more than a dozen other titles, is out with a new paperback title on forgiveness.  

Jakes says he understands that he and fellow Christians share spiritual truths "that transcend time and culture and reflect a universal understanding of human nature." The spiritual truth he explores in "Let It Go" concerns forgiveness and why it is important for those on the receiving end of wrongful behavior as well as those who commit acts of wrongdoing.

Listen to an excerpt of the "Let It Go" audiobook.

"Forgiveness is a big idea and it works best when it is invested into people who have the courage to grasp the seven-foot-high idea of what's best for their future rather than the four-foot-high idea of recompense for what has happened in their past," Jakes writes in "Let It Go." 

The book explores forgiveness as an idea and at the same time offers specific and clear actions for readers who seek to apply the idea in their daily lives. Offenses are a part of life, he says. But Jakes believes that conflicts can be resolved and relationships do have a future, if we learn how to forgive.

Editor's Note: "Let It Go" is published by Simon & Schuster, a division of CBS.