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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets in Our Heads

It's been nearly 25 years since Leonardo DiCaprio stepped on the scene as an 11-year-old, capturing hearts and attention, starting him on the road to becoming the A-list star he is now.

In his new film, "Inception," DiCaprio plays a hi-tech crook who steals not money, but ideas. His character breaks into people's dreams, invading his victims' subconscious to unlock their secrets.

The film doesn't open until Friday, but it's already getting big buzz.

Pictures: "Inception" Film Premiere
Pictures: Leonardo DiCaprio

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DiCaprio has always been attracted to complicated characters who are deep, and sometimes dark and conflicted, says Early Show" contributor Amanda Holden. Because shooting a film often stretches across five or six months, DiCaprio finds it better to play a character he can really delve into, someone he can explore.

He's open to playing all kinds of roles, fom a romantic one in "Titanic" to gripping ones, such as portraying Howard Hugh in "The Aviator."

His performances have earned him three Oscar nods.

Holden spoke with him about his career, and "Inception":

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