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Lending A Hand on The Ranch

Since the broadcast, it's has been a very busy day for Dave (and me, tooA!).

While we were on the air for "The Early Show," Dave struck a deal with the ranch owner Matt Clough -- for breakfast. So, at 7 a.m., Matt and Dave went to salt the cows.

I'm not so much a ranch hand, but I was totally willing to follow Dave on his adventure. "Salting the cows" is a way to help the cows get the nutrients they need. So off we went -- Dave was with Matt, and I was following and filming. The cows were afraid of Dave at first, but after a while, they came closer and closer to him.

After the ranch chores were done, Matt took Dave out to breakfast. That was the deal, but he was more generous, and also paid him for his work.

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Next up? Dave picked up his car -- he's transporting it for a car dealership in Iowa. And that's where we are -- on the road headed East on I-76.

Where will Dave sleep? I have no clue. Where will we be tomorrow? You will see!

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