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Texas officially legalizes kids' lemonade stands

Taking a stand for lemonade stands
Advocacy group aims to make it easier for kids to sell lemonade 03:05

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law this week preventing police from shutting down kids' lemonade stands in the state. Children will be officially allowed to sell lemonade without authorities requiring a permit or putting a halt to their business. 

Abbot posted a video tweet Tuesday signing the bill, which authorizes the occasional sale of lemonade or other non-alcoholic drinks by minors on private property. He then toasted to youngsters with a glass of lemonade. The bill was introduced by Republican state Rep. Matt Krause.

"Here is a commonsense law it allows kids to sell lemonade at lemonade stands," Abbot said. "We had to pass it because police shut down a lemonade stand here in Texas. So kids, cheers." 

The new law goes into effect on September 1. 

Support for the measure grew after two girls from Overton, Texas, had their lemonade stand shut down for lack of peddlers' permit in 2015. CBS affiliate KYTX reported the sisters were trying to raise money for a Father's Day gift. Their mother celebrated the news of the new law on her Facebook page.

"We are going to have a Huge Lemonade Stand & Celebration in New London, on Sept 14th to celebrate!" Sandi Green said. "I'll keep it all posted closer to the time."

This is so awesome! The girls are mentioned in this article about our Governor signing the Lemonade Law Bill into...

Posted by Sandi Green - Netherland on Monday, June 10, 2019

Texas isn't the only place where children's lemonade stands have gotten the attention of politicians. Last year, after her kids' lemonade stand was shut down, one Denver woman pushed local lawmakers to craft legislation legalizing it. It became law in April, CBS Denver reported. 

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