Legion accepts CBS apology over "Amazing Race"

YouTube hosts Meghan, left, and Joey must replicate the pieces placed on a Chinese Chess board onto a life sized board in the courtyard of the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam, on "The Amazing Race," March 17, 2013.

The national commander of the American Legion says he accepts CBS' apology for a passage on "The Amazing Race" where contestants visited the wreckage of an American B-52 bomber in Vietnam.

The segment aired March 17 and angered many veterans, particularly those who served in the Vietnam War. As part of its scavenger hunt game, contestants on the CBS show had to visit the site in Hanoi, which Vietnamese authorities turned into a memorial.

Before this Sunday's edition of "The Amazing Race," host Phil Keoghan read a statement apologizing to veterans and families who may have been offended.

American Legion National Commander James Koutz accepted the apology, saying he believed it was sincere and heartfelt.

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