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"Legend of Zelda" retold with modern digital media

(CBS News) Do we have any gamers in the audience? Yeah? That's great, because your blogger here is a total gamer, too, with a penchant for video game posts. Last week I showed you a music tribute to gaming performed by The Mini Mario Band. This week I've got "The Legend of Zelda" retold through modern digital media. Not sure what that means? Go ahead and take a look.

The very clever retelling of Link's journey in the classic game series through the medium of pop culture and digital technology was posted by Final Cut King who writes about the work:

The Legend of Zelda comes to the digital world in this short film. Link battles various enemies and travels through a digital world as he tried to find his lost love....the princess Zelda!
An excellent and well-executed modern video tribute to one of the most significant series of all time that gamers and non-gamers alike can enjoy. And if you'd like to check out other amazing special effects works and more by Final Cut King, make sure to click here to go to his YouTube page.
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