Legalize it? 60 Minutes viewers pipe up on the pot vote

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, we heard from viewers who like to blaze, others who've never tried the stuff, about the movement to legalize recreational pot

It’s been almost three years since Colorado allowed the sale of recreational pot -- and it’s been a “tricky” process Governor John Hickenlooper told 60 Minutes on Sunday -- something he’s communicated to other states with recreational marijuana on the ballot next Tuesday. 

To find out how well Colorado is adjusting to legal recreational marijuana, correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook traveled to the “Napa Valley of Cannabis,” where he heard about some of the highs and lows that have come with the law. One problem is enforcing laws about driving under the influence of cannabis. LaPook reported in Colorado, there is currently no field sobriety test in use that is the equivalent of the breathalyzer for alcohol.

One viewer said that’s just fine with him: 

At a hospital in Pueblo, Colorado, Dr. LaPook interviewed the director of a newborn intensive care unit who said he’s noticed more babies being born with marijuana in their system. Watch it in the excerpt below.

Colorado doctor notices more babies born with pot in their systems

And with the pot vote just a few days away, viewers piped up to share their views: