Lee Polygraph Scores

wen ho lee polygraph test scores
These are portions of actual documents from Wen Ho Lee's Department of Energy polygraph December 23, 1998. There are three analyses, indicating that three different polygraphers "scored" Lee's polygraph charts.

The first analysis was done by the actual examiner, Wolfgang Vinskey, a longstanding member of the American Polygraph Association, and is on the APA Grievance Committee.

The second analysis was done by a supervisory reviewer, Ron Fox, also an APA member.

The third analysis was done by a quality control reviewer, John Mata, a member of APA, President of the American Police Polygraphists, a former Department of Defense federal examiner, a former federal agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and a former police polygrapher for the Colorado Springs police department.

Each polygrapher independently "scored" Lee's polygraph charts and reached almost identical conclusions. You'll see that each one circled "NSR" at the bottom of their Data Analysis sheets, indicating a "non-deceptive" finding: they concluded that Lee was telling the truth on each of four substantive espionage-related questions he answered.

The "Test Spot Totals" shown above are key in understanding each reviewer's analysis:

  • Test Spot Total scores ranging from negative three and below are considered deceptive.
  • Negative three to plus three is considered inconclusive.
  • Plus three and above is considered non-deceptive.

Lee has no deceptive Test Spot Totals.

Former FBI Agent Dick Keifer, who once headed the FBI's polygraph program, told CBS News that these were some of the highest non-deceptive (truthful) scores he'd ever seen.

Despite this, the FBI reviewed Lee's charts and concluded that he failed this polygraph examination.