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LeBron James slams Jazz announcers who criticized him for celebrating shoeless

LeBron James hit back at Utah Jazz announcers Thursday after they criticized him for celebrating courtside without his shoes. The NBA superstar had signed his sneakers and gifted them to two young fans during the Los Angeles Lakers' 121-96 win against the Jazz Wednesday night.

James was celebrating in his socks on the sidelines after two straight blocks from his teammates. His reaction caught the attention of Jazz announcers Craig Bolerjack and Matt Harpring, prompting one of them to say,"That's some disrespect right there. Please. This isn't playground ball."

Earlier, on the Lakers broadcast, James was seen giving his shoes to a boy and girl. The announcers later acknowledged James' act.

A day later, James posted clips of the announcers and a message to them on Instagram: "Imagine doing your job at the highest level to where you're not needed anymore," James wrote. "Giving your shoes to a lil girl and boy who you inspire and hoped you made proud that night, then cheering on your teammates cause you love seeing them succeed more than yourself only to be criticized while doing it.

"People it's the world we live in and you can't let it ever stop you from your purpose in life," James added. "Negativity, bad energy, hate, envy, etc etc will try to bring you down throughout your journey and it's up to you on how you handle it."

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