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LeBron James' Lawyer Labels as "Lies" Sex Scandal Rumors Surrounding Mom; Warns Sports Blog to Knock it Off

LeBron James (AP Photo)

NEW YORK (CBS) LeBron James is trying to shoot down rumors that his mother has had a sexual relationship with his teammate Delonte West. James' lawyer fired off an email, warning sports blog to stop spreading "lies," and raising the specter of legal action, reports TMZ.

Frederick Nance, the NBA superstar's attorney, sent a "cease and desist" email to to "immediately stop publishing or in any way repeating these false, despicable, and per se defamatory statements."

The missive goes on to say of the "lies" being spread by the sports blog, that "if you do not understand the legal significance of that," then consult a lawyer. speculated that LeBron James' knowledge of a sex scandal involving his mother and his teammate led to James' Cleveland Cavaliers defeats in Games 4, 5, and 6 of the recent playoff series with the Boston Celtics, says TMZ.

Nance calls this assumption "idiotic and off the wall...No thinking person could believe such rubbish."

However, told TMZ of the James email, "We think it's a little fishy that they waited almost 4 days to fire this off."  According to TMZ, the sports blog stands by its source, and is consulting with lawyers.

All of which may hint at a very different kind of court appearance for LeBron James.