As Lebron James weighs next move, Ohio fans brace for decision

Miami Heat's LeBron James in action during the second half of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals NBA basketball playoff series against the Indiana Pacers Sunday, May 18, 2014, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

The NBA and its fans are waiting anxiously to see where this year's most prized free agent decides to play.

Lebron James may be taking his talents back to Cleveland, with the team willing to trade three of their players to make room for him. But even the possibility of a return to his hometown Cavaliers is sending shock waves through the state of Ohio, CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds reports.

When the man known as King James vacated his throne in Cleveland for the warm sandy shores of Miami, it was seen as the ultimate betrayal to the Cavalier-faithful.

The decision ignited the city. Fans burned jerseys and team owner Dan Gilbert posted a scathing letter online, calling it "cowardly... narcissistic... and a shocking act of disloyalty."

James, in search of championship rings, joined fellow NBA superstars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Miami. The decision heard round the world paid off -- he won two titles in four seasons with the Heat.

Then, a loss to the San Antonio Spurs in this year's finals sparked rumors that the "Big Three" would dissolve.

But Wednesday's speculation that James might sign with the Cavs is just that - speculation. It's enough, though, to get this city buzzing.

If Lebron doesn't make a return to the Rust Belt, it could be a fresh round of heartache for those who vilified him just four years ago.

"The reaction was vile, it was vulgar, there was hatred for Lebron," said Jeff Zillgitt, a sports reporter for USA Today.

Zillgitt believes the weight of this decision isn't lost on James.

"He wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't seriously considering it," Zillgitt said. "He understands his reputation is at stake."

But Zillgitt isn't convinced James will make the move, yet.

"I think he would find it very satisfying at some point, if not now, to go back to Cleveland and potentially finish his career there," he said.

Late Wednesday night it was reported that James had met only with Heat officials and not with the Cavaliers or anyone else. But that hasn't stopped the buzzing and hoping as fans here await his decision.