Learning Life's Ups and Down On a Skateboard

In these tough times a couple of 12-year-olds can give us a lesson in handling life's ups and downs.

"You've got to motivate yourself to keep doing it until you make it," says Nic Puehse.

Nic and Tristan Puehse learned that from hours of trying to master skateboard tricks, reports CBS News correspondent John Blackstone.

"You definitely have to learn how to fall because if you don't fall right you can get seriously hurt," says Tristan.

When they started skateboarding at age 5, their dad Mike says the falls just kept coming.

"It was kind of scary," says Mike. "I mean early on I think the biggest challenge was they really have a no fear attitude."

Their mom Caryn couldn't take it. "I jumped the fence and went in to save them and that didn't go over so well," she says.

Nic and Tristan just kept trying until they could nail the tricks. Their videos on YouYube have made them stars with more than 12 million views.

"The funny thing is when we make a new video people will be like, 'Hey go make a new one. Go make a new one tomorrow,' and they don't realize it takes like four months of work," says Nic.

Now all that work has landed them a movie deal - a feature-length film just released on DVD. It may not be a blockbuster but it sure is a door opener.

"There's even been some marriage proposals," says Mike with a laugh. "And not for one of them specifically. You know, will one of you/either of you marry me?"

Nic and Tristan say they get a lot of e-mail from girls.

"But we don't really pay attention on that right now," says Tristan. He laughs and adds, "Right now!"

Right now they're working on new tricks for more videos.

  • John Blackstone

    From his base in San Francisco, CBS News correspondent John Blackstone covers breaking stories throughout the West. That often means he is on the scene of wildfires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and rumbling volcanoes. He also reports on the high-tech industry in Silicon Valley and on social and economic trends that frequently begin in the West.