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Learn2 Set Up A Stereo System

A sound foundation...

Before the advent of personal computers, sound systems were probably the most complicated pieces of machinery you'd find in the average home. They're still pretty intimidating when the time comes to set one up.

The actual logistics of connections aren't too difficult, but to get the best possible sound out of your system you'll need to take several factors into consideration.

With this 2torial, a bit of patience, and some experimentation, you should be able to find the setup that works best for your sonic circumstances.

Before you begin:
Unpack the equipment. If you have a CD player,
check for removable travel screws on the bottom. If
possible, keep the original packaging for all
units, just in case something needs to go back to
the store, or to the factory for repairs.

About 10 minutes to get all the elements
unpacked and situated, and about another half hour
for setting up the equipment and troubleshooting

What you'll need:
A set of speakers

A stereo receiver

Any combination of the following: CD player,
Tape deck and Turntable

An antenna for listening to the radio (optional)

Speaker wire, at least 18 gauge, preferably 16

A wire cutter/stripper (or scissors if you like
to live dangerously)

Step One

The Nominees
With Two, You Get Eggroll

Get Ready To Rock And Roll

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