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Learn2 Hang a Picture

Find the Artful Dangle Angle...

Oops! Your recently purchased "Untitled" masterpiece has just been re-titled "Assorted Glass and Paper Fragments."

Hanging a framed work requires the proper materials for support and stability. It takes a little pre-planning, but the results will be evident: a carefully hung picture shows off its merits and enhances the rest of the room.

If you'd like to avoid the scenario above, just follow along with this 2torial and you'll be on your way to a tastefully decorated space.

Before You Begin:
Before you determine the right spot to hang your
picture, you need to make some decisions about the design of the room.

Look at the art work already hanging, and decide: is there room for one more? Or does one or more pictures need to come down and get "swapped out?" Perhaps the other pictures are worth being re-hung in order to make way for the new beauty.

While you think on these things, collect all necessary materials and put them close by where you're working

15 - 30 minutes per picture
1 hour or more if mounting wall anchors (see Tips)

What You'll Need:

  • A framed picture
  • Some picture-hanging wire and screw-eyes (if not already attached)
  • A hammer
  • Small felt pads (if not already attached to frame)
  • A pencil
  • Some framing hooks and nails (purchased together), or 1 to 1 ½ inch nails and some tape (for light- to medium-weight pictures)
  • Some wall screws with anchor-bolts (for heavy pictures)
  • A ¼ inch drill and a screwdriver for mounting wall screws


  • A measuring tape
  • A person to help (very useful)

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