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Learn2 Child-Proof Your Home

All the World Passes Through Baby's Mouth

Preparing to have a small, mobile infant in your home? Whether it's your own or another's, the appearance of a tiny tyrant can disrupt any household's flow.

But some simple preparations can ease the tension and increase the safety of such visits, so you can really enjoy your new guest.

These preparations have a dual (and perhaps paradoxical) purpose: to protect delicate children from dangerous things, and to protect expensive or fragile items from curious children.

Before You Begin:
Here's the way to look at it: imagine yourself as a knee-high child with the whole world as your playground. Take a walk around your house from this new perspective. Everything is new and to be explored, tasted, or climbed on.

"All the world passes through Gordon's mouth," goes a famous Greek saying, and it paints a good picture of an infant's curiosity.

Now let's wander through a few rooms in your home, making adjustments on the way.

Plan on several hours of shopping to buy the equipment.

What You'll Need:

  • Childproof latches or locks.
  • Cabinets or boxes with locks.
  • Some cork or thick felt.
  • Window guards


  • A safety gate.
  • A 10'-15' section of 3' wire or plastic mesh.
  • 2 pieces 1" by 2" wood, each three feet long.
  • A staplegun with heavy staples.
  • A ball of strong twine or nylon line.
  • A 1'-2' foot section of quarter molding.
  • 1 or 2 wire clothes hangers.
  • Some cord shorteners for appliances with long cords.
  • 1' flexible hosing.

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