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Learn2 Avoid Home Burglary 4

Step 4: Protect Your Valuables
Don't leave your valuables (stereo, computer, jewelry) where they can be seen from the window. If you don't want to hide everything from sight, consider draperies and blinds.

  • Make a valuables inventory. Keep a record of your expensive and personally significant items - not just a listing, but a photographic or videotape record if possible. Store this inventory at another location. This is helpful for both the police and the insurance agency (if you have a homeowner's policy), to identify the stolen goods.
  • Use an engraving pen to mark these items with your social security number in an inconspicuous place. This also helps record your possessions in case of any other mishap, such as fire or flood.

Avoid stashing a spare key under the flower pot right next to the door - it's an easy guess for a burglar. Instead, buy a combination lock-box and lock it to a bench or fence.

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