Leaking battery assaults senses, forces Montgomery cops to evacuate

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A battery used to power an emergency generator like the one pictured above was the source of a noxious odor that forced Montgomery, Ala. police to evacuate

(CBS/AP) MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Police in Montgomery, Ala. evacuated their headquarters and the city jail recently after they noticed an odd odor.

Police said the malodorous culprit was a leaking battery.

Montgomery Sgt. Regina Duckett said some employees got wind of it about 8 a.m. Saturday, and alarms started going off near a room that held a large number of batteries used to power backup generators during a power outage.

Crews removed all the batteries and ventilated the building, which reopened within a few hours. Police said several people were treated at scene for possible inhalation of the unpleasant substance, but there were no serious injuries.