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"Leaked footage" from "Star Wars Episode 7," this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a taekwondo quadruple kick, 50 states in 17 seconds, a garbage-filled optical illusion, a tree's worst nightmare, "leaked footage" from the new Star Wars flick and a tiny birthday party for a tiny hedgehog.

First up, Ali Raza shared this video of a gravity-defying taekwondo kick.

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California -- you know the rest. And, if you don't, hear all 50 in 17 seconds in this video from Shrek Sanic.

MissLauliePop shared this visually stunning art piece. From the side, it looks like a pile of garbage. But from the front, it looks like a spot-on portrait of famous French postman Ferdinand Cheval.

An excavator mulcher is generally used for clearing land -- not that impressive. But, as this video from deniscimafinc shows, how it clears the land is astounding.

The creator of this video, Frank Wunderlich, says he captured this footage of the upcoming "Star Wars Episode VII" film set at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany -- which, of course, isn't true. But, who cares? It's still awesome and the details are so well executed.

And, HelloDenizen is back! Watch "Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog" -- the follow up to their incredibly successful video "Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos."

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