Leaf blower and child's swing come together at last

(CBS News) So your blogger here had been thinking of calling it night in terms of posts on The Feed. But this video from the 1980's demonstrating a leaf blower propelling a child in a swing was simply too good to resist. Genius or otherwise? Watch and decide for yourself.

"Whee!" The simultaneously captivating and bizarre combination of lawn technology with a classic source of entertainment for kids was posted by YouTube user 715combine who writes about it:

Using a leaf blower to propel our custom built Peri-Obrbital swing. October 1988
I can't argue that the device does exactly what it's supposed to do... but I also can't get an opening line that comedian Jeff Foxworthy often employs in his humor (Hint:"You might be a..."). What did you all think about it? Genius? Otherwise? Feel free to leave me some comment love below with your own thoughts and personal experiences in unlikely technologies coming together.