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Lazy Sunday: Top Viral Videos of the Week

LOS ANGELES (CBS)Here are the top viral videos of the week for you to enjoy on this Lazy Sunday:

Sesame Street took on Old Spice's recent viral campaign, with its own "Smell Like A Monster" video, presented by one of our favorite muppets, Grover:

Delaware Republican nominee and Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell decided to create her own online video ad. She attempted to clear up rumors by telling the public, "I'm not a witch. I'm you":

Of course, the ad only inspired other creative parodies including the one below:

"The Social Network" won at the box office two weekends in a row, raking in $46.4 million in the U.S. The film's main character, Mark Zuckerberg, has remained in the spotlight online with some great spoofs. He's now made an appearance on "The Simpsons", SNL and who knew he could also... rap?

While this video was uploaded in September, it still remains on the top of the viral video charts with more than 2 million views. Here's "The English Language in 24 Accents":

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