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Lazy Sunday: Top Viral Videos of The Week

What if the story behind Wikileaks was made into a movie? Then its trailer would be a spin-off of "The Social Network" and it would be called "The Social Leak". Thanks to Roger Ebert for the recommendation:

Saturday Night Live also couldn't help but take on the controversial scandal and founder Julian Assange in this skit, where he turns the site into a TMZ-esque show:

Hand model Ellen Sirot takes her hands very seriously. While our very own Katie Couric introduced this story to the world in 2008, it seems to be getting some new traction on the web:

Are you a social media addict? If so, you just might want to check out this spoof about your favorite habit--"Social Media Addiction, Are You At Risk?":

Logitech Revue and Google TV's latest commercial allows us all to be one degree closer to Kevin Bacon:

Want a little history lesson of the world? Watch as doctor and researcher Hans Rosling uses augmented reality animation to tell the story of 200 countries over 200 years using 120,000 numbers in just four minutes. This is incredible:

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