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Lazy Sunday: Top Viral Videos Halloween Edition


In honor of this day of ghosts and goblins, here are my picks of Halloween-themed viral videos.

1) Now this is how to decorate your house. Behold the ultimate light show, set to Michael Jackson's "Thriller":

2) "Glee" stars transformed for their "Rocky Horror Picture Show" special episode. Here's a highlight from the show, including their rendition of the song "Time Warp":

3) iPhone 4 fans, let me introduce you to the guyPhone 4, complete with a touch screen, apps, accessories and no phone signal:

4) Tim Burton's 1993 stop-motion animation film "The Nightmare Before Christmas" continues to dominate the viral charts with its number "This is Halloween":

5) Finally, if all else fails, all you need is the pumpkin dance to celebrate this boo-tastic holiday:

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