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Lazy Sunday: Top 5 Viral Videos of the Week

1) Kanye West is obviously listening to his social media consultant because he went on a social networking binge this week (to say the least). Not only has he been tweeting up a storm and entertaining followers with nuggets such as, "I Love Me", but he also made an in person appearance at Twitter and Facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley. He gave employees an impromptu private show showing off his freestylin' skills.

From Facebook HQ:

Frontrow at Twitter HQ:

I wonder if the sites were competing against who got better Kanye time. Hmm...

2) For the third weekend in a row, "Inception" is #1 at the box office. For those who haven't seen it, I won't ruin it for you, but let's just say the ending leaves you hanging. CollegeHumor stepped in with this parody video revealing what could've happened after the end or as I like to call it, the ending after the end.

3) This is random but will make you LOL. Jump to :21 to see an appearance by a juggling Grandma at a concert.

4) This Swedish policeman dancing has attracted an audience on the street and on YouTube:

5) Finally, to end the weekend on a high note, here's a video taken over one year featuring sunsets from 31 countries:

Sunsets Around The World from Romain World Tour on Vimeo.

Now be inspired to get out there and see the world. But of course come back here for more next week.

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