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Lazy Great Dane puppy won't get out of bed, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" played on beer bottles, an inside look at a dishwasher in action, a Great Dane that won't get up, crazy bowling trick shots, a girl who finally gets a puppy and some adorable dancing babies.

First up, the Bottle Boys are back with an all-bottle rendition of Michael Jackson's classic song "Billie Jean.".

Thanks to a GoPro camera and some ingenuity, Bito solves one of life's great mysteries -- what goes on inside a dishwasher?

The guys from Dude Perfect have become YouTube stars by pulling off some insane trick shots. They up their game yet again in this video featuring Australian two-handed bowling champ Jason Belmonte.

For years, Emma has been begging her parents for a puppy. So, for her birthday, they decided to surprise her with a poem and a puppy pug. Emma's tear jerking reaction was caught on tape in this video from Greg Cox.

It's 3:30 a.m. Thor the Great Dane puppy does not want get out of bed. And, as this video shared by Ray Prevo shows, he reacts the way most people react in that situation.

FunCam posted this great video of modern dancers mimicking the moves of a toddler.

And, a chubby baby shows off some of the cutest dance steps of all time in this piece of Internet gold from IMAX.

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