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Lawyers hint they'll claim Jackson killed himself

In a Los Angeles courtroom Monday, attorneys for the doctor accused of manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death offered some clues as to how they plan to defend him, reports CBS News Correspondent Ben Tracy.

Some of those closest to Jackson say he was weak, thin and desperate for drugs in the months before he died.

Now, lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray say some in the late pop star's inner-circle should be forced to testify - for the defense.

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Among them, nurse Cherilyn Lee, who went public with claims Jackson begged her for the powerful anesthetic Propofol.

"He said, 'I want an IV that, when I have this IV, when it drops into my vein, the first drop, I am knocked out," Lee said in June 2009.

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Murray admits giving Jackson the drug, but his defense team plans to argue that Jackson injected himself with the lethal dose.

The judge ruled Monday that two other doctors, who say the singer asked them for Propofol, must also take the stand.

"What Conrad Murray is hoping," explains CBS News legal analyst Lisa Bloom, "is that these witnesses will corroborate their position that Jackson was a known addict. They'll still have to link it up that he self-injected, but it makes it more likely."

But the judge blocked all testimony regarding Jackson's 2005 trial on child molestation charges, calling it "distracting and misleading" for jurors. Jackson was acquitted in the case.

In another blow to the defense, the judge crossed more than a dozen potential witnesses off their list.

They do plan to call Jackson's longtime make-up artist, Karen Faye. As the singer prepared to launch his "This Is It" comeback, Faye claims, he told her he didn't think he could "physically complete" the concert tour.

Meanwhile, Jackson's children paid tribute to their father's legacy on what would have been his 53rd birthday, attending an emotional gathering of his fans in his hometown of Gary, Ind.

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