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Lawyer Ditches Foxy Brown At Court Hearing

An irate lawyer for rapper Foxy Brown requested to withdraw from her case in a Broward County, Fla., courtroom Wednesday, WFOR-TV reports.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, appeared was in court for what was supposed to be a routine status hearing on a pair of misdemeanor assault charges stemming from an altercation she got into at Queen Beauty Supply store in Pembroke Pines in February of 2007.

However, it didn't turn out routine when Brown's defense attorney, Fred Haddad, decided to withdraw from the case because of "irreconcilable differences."

WFOR-TV Video: Lawyer Requests To Withdraw From Foxy Brown Case
Haddad was angry that the rapper's New York lawyers had worked out a plea deal with the state attorney's office without his knowledge. Brown would receive six months probation if she accepted the plea deal. If convicted at trial, Brown could spend a year in Broward jail.

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"I absolutely feel that there is a conflict between myself and Ms. Marchand that is so strong that this will be one of three times in my career that I've requested to withdraw from a case because of a conflict with a client," Haddad said.

"I don't have a conflict with anyone," Marchand told the judge. "I just want to have proper representation."

The judge granted Haddad's request to withdraw from the case and gave Brown two weeks to find a new attorney and return to court on May 8.

Brown was released from Rikers Island prison on Friday after serving an eight-month sentence for violating the terms of her probation when she left the state of New York without permission for the trip to South Florida, which resulted in her arrest here.

Brown was arrested in Pembroke Pines for allegedly throwing hair glue at the Pembroke Pines beauty supply store employee last year. Police said she was angry after being asked to leave because the store was closing. Brown was also charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence, for struggling with an officer on the scene. After her arrest in Pembroke Pines, she posted bond and was allowed to return to New York where she ran into trouble with the law again.

In August of 2007, the hip-hop diva was arrested in Brooklyn after being accused of throwing a cell phone at a woman who complained about her loud music playing from her car stereo. That's the arrest that landed her in prison.

She was already serving a three year probation sentence for an August 2004 attack on two manicurists at a Manhattan nail salon. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault in the 2004 incident.

Known for her saucy outfits and racy lyrics, the 29-year-old rapper has a handful of albums, including "Ill Na Na" and "Chyna Doll." She's also set to release her next CD, "Brooklyn Don Diva" on May 13.