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Lawrence Taylor: 6 Prostitutes a Day Admission on 60 Minutes, Said "That Party Never Ended"

Lawrence Taylor (CBS)

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Pro Football Hall of Famer and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Lawrence Taylor admitted in 2004 to spending about $1,000 daily on escort services, and often calling 6 prostitutes a day.

"It was a hell of an expensive party, let me tell you," Taylor told 60 Minutes in a 2004 interview. "That party never ended."

The former New York Giants linebacker had a highly publicized struggle with drug addiction and had multiple legal run-ins before he was arrested and charged Thursday in the alleged rape of a 16-year-old girl.

"I saw coke as the only bright spot in my future," Taylor told 60 Minutes, in 2004.

"I had gotten really bad. I mean my place was almost like a crack house, not where you sold it, but I had a lot of stuff in my house," Taylor said in the interview, adding that at the time he didn't want to know anyone who wasn't an addict, dealer or hooker.

In 2001, Taylor was convicted of possessing drug paraphernalia in New Jersey. The conviction stemmed from the September 1998 discovery in a hotel room of a butane torch and other materials commonly used to smoke crack cocaine.

In 1996 and 1997, he was arrested in South Carolina and Florida on drug charges. In those cases, he either admitted his guilt or agreed to enter a pretrial intervention program.

In 2000, he drew five years of federal probation for filing false tax returns and for tax evasion.

Taylor was arrested Thursday in connection with the rape of a 16-year-old girl in a suburban New York City hotel room, and another man is accused of bringing her there, police said.

He was arrested at a Holiday Inn in Suffern, said Christopher St. Lawrence, supervisor of the town of Ramapo. The alleged victim, at 16, is one year below the legal age of consent in New York, St. Lawrence said.

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